Yoga Studio

We offer Yoga classes at the Dharma Connection to to help students develop stillness of mind, stamina, strength, and flexibility. A regular yoga practice tones the body, improves mental focus, eases the spirit creating better overall health. On a deeper level, yoga is a path for transformation of life, where the yoga mat becomes the world and the skills that you learn in class translate to everyday situations. Whether you are a beginning or an experienced student, seeking a gentle or vigorous practice, we offer classes to move you along your path. Teachers here take a personal interest in you and support your progress with individualized instruction and hands-on guidance. We are offer a no-pressure atmosphere where regular people can take yoga classes.


Yoga Anxiety

Arm Balances & Inversions: Rise Up!
May 7th from 2:00 - 4:30
Facilitator: Dave Harrigan
$35 per person

Delve into the building blocks as we break down the plots through alignment, stabilization and sheer happiness! Workshop format with mini vinyasa to warm up, and building block poses to prep and train key action.

Suitable for all level and teachers who want to learn to safely incorporate into their own teaching.

Dave Harrigan has been teaching yoga classes at All That Matters Inc in RI for 8 years and infuses learning from myriad styles of Hatha & vinyasa yoga along with other healing modalities and the constant power of the
Cost: $35 Per Person
Pre-register rate:  $25 ---by April 30th
beach yoga

Yoga, Mantra & Music
With Emma Poole
Saturday, April 9th
3-5 pm

Join E-RYT, Emma Poole, in this two hour workshop to release stress in the body and mind. Emma will guide you through a heating Vinyasa practice followed by the holding of cooling, static poses that utiliize props and essential oils to ease the muscles into relaxation. Emma hopes to create an environment that feels safe, uplifting, and inspiring. She incorporates her love of sound into yoga through mantra and music. Arrive with an open mind, and be prepared to leave feeling more free. This workshop is open to individuals of all levels.

Cost: $25 (early registration by April 5th)  $35 Late

Emma leads group and private Vinyasa and Hot Power Vinyasa classes throughout New York City and the metro area.To learn more, visit her at

Cora Wen

Spring Kapha Reducing Ayurvedic Yoga with Abhyanga (self massage)
With Donna Pagliarani
Sunday, April 10th 3-5 pm

During the winter the body accumulates Kapha which can cause sluggishness, excess weight and a heavy feeling in the body. In early spring, a yoga practice that reduces Kapha combined with daily self-massage and diet can help the body during the transition from winter to spring.

In this class, we’ll move through a yoga practice that will help to reduce Kapha, followed with a guided self massage using kapha reducing oil, ending in a deep, relaxing savasana.

Open to All Levels: bring 2 bath towels and wear clothing that will provide access to the full arm, shoulders, legs and feet.

Cost: $25